Terms/Conditions & FAQ

Terms and Conditions + Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect on the tour?

Hunter Valley Ghost Tours are walking street tours which include a combination of Ghost Stories, History, Local Folklore, Paranormal Theories and (depending on the tour) a little hands on Ghost Hunting.

Are your tours suitable for Children?

Our Ghost Tours are designed and directed towards and adult audience. Content can sometimes be disturbing to younger children therefore we do not take children under the age of 15 years. Any children under 18 years must be accompanied by a paying guardian at all times. Prices per ticket are the same as adults for children under 18 years.

Will we see a ghost on the tour?

There is no guarantee you will see a ghost on the tour nor do we stage ghosts and hauntings to give you a "fake" experience or "make up" stories. 
All stories on the tour were either experienced by us personally, found in our research or given to us by people who were kind enough to share their experiences.


Are tickets Refundable/Transferable?
Sorry No, tickets are not refundable or transferable to another date. If you cannot make it on the date specified you may give or sell your ticket to someone else. Please notify us of this as soon as possible.


Do tours run if it is raining?

Yes . Unless there is a serious natural disaster, tours run rain, hail or shine.


Are your tours Paranormal Investigations/ Investigation tours?

No our tours are not paranormal investigations. We do share our knowledge of the paranormal and you do get to "play" with some paranormal investigation equipment but our tours are mainly about the ghost stories and heritage. If you wish to go on an investigation we suggest you join us for one of our Maitland Gaol Lockdowns which we run every six months or so.


How do I pay ?

Call us on 0410043624 to pay by credit card over the Phone. Pay over the counter at Apparitions Shop 161 Swan Street Morpeth NSW or Pay online via credit card with Sticky Tickets we will email you a link where you can pay or find the link on our Facebook page in the events section.

*If you call and get no answer, leave us a text message we will return your call asap.

Can I pay on the night?

Due to the safety of the tour guide and all concerned we do not handle cash on the night of the tour. All tickets must be paid in advance.


Do you use Psychic Mediums on the tour?

No we do not use psychic mediums on the tour.


Can you take photographs?

Of course you can! In fact we encourage it. But please do not take pictures of private residences.


Can we video record or record audio of the tour?
No. We ask you not to record the tour on video or audio.


Can you smoke on the tour?

No. For the comfort of the tour guide and other participants we ask you do not to smoke during the tour.


Can you drink alcohol on the tour?

No. For the safety of all concerned drinking alcohol on the tour is not allowed.


What if I have an injury or a disability?

If you have an injury or disability please mention the exact nature of your disability or injury to the tour guide either at the time of booking or at the beginning of the tour.
* But please be aware our tours are walking tours and you have to be able bodied and have a reasonable level of fitness to attend.


Can we wander off on our own?

NO if you decide to wander off on your own and/or go onto private property you will be asked to leave with NO refund!


What do I need to wear?

Comfortable walking shoes (no high heels) sensible clothing according to the season.

Where do we meet?
When you pay for your tickets you will be informed over the phone, by email or the sticky tickets page where we meet for the particular tour you want to go on.