The Hunter Valley Ghost Tours Team

Hunter Valley Ghost Tour is proud to present our team members.

Murray Byfield 

Murray is Hunter Valley Ghost Tours lead tour guide, he has well over ten years experience as a Paranormal Investigator and has conducted hundreds of public and private investigations in this time. Murray has been fascinated by the unexplained all his life and has been running his own paranormal information website since 2007.

Murray is also a history buff and particularly loves Australian colonial history it is this love which drove him to create Hunter Valley Ghost Tours which gives him the opportunity to share ghost stories, folklore and fascinating local history.

Murray also been consulted and interviewed many times in the media including: 
Today Tonight, NBN News, Sydney Morning Herald, Newcastle Herald, Port Stephens Examiner, Take 5 Magazine, Northern Territory News, ABC Adelaide, KO FM and NEW FM. 


Michelle Byfield 

Michelle is the business brains behind Hunter Valley Ghost Tours including marketing strategy and promotion.
Also a seasoned paranormal investigator - her love in the world of the unexplained is in UFO's and otherworldly encounters.

Michelle has worked in the entertainment booking industry for well over ten years.


Murray and Michelle also own and operate Apparitions Gift Store.